I had such grand plans for Valentines Day, but as seems to be my pattern for February I got sick. I’m pretty sure it is allergies of some sort. Nasty congestion and a really embarassing, horrible, honking cough that goes along with it. No fun. It has pretty much knocked me out of commission the past week and a half or so, and all those plans for homemade Valentines and special treats . . . they went right out the window. Oh well.

We did manage chocolate dipped strawberries for Fletcher’s class party and a heart-shaped Strawberry Tart. The children each found a tiny box of chocolates waiting on them this morning, and they were thrilled. I was equally thrilled when I discovered that my amazing husband had a box of chocolates for me – as well as this beautiful lavender plant! We will plant it in the garden as soon as the last chance of frost is past.

I had great plans for things I wanted to do for Raymond, but time and money got in the way of all of them. Seems to be the way these days. Instead I made him a batch of pistachio biscotti which I promise to try very, very hard not to eat.

We had a pretty lazy morning. It has been a bit rainy all day so our picnic plans have been put on hold. Raymond took the children to the library for new books, and now they are playing Jedi and Princess (our latest favorite game), using the dining room table as their spaceship and filling the house with droids and time bombs, while I type and R. sneaks in some studio time.  I can’t really think of any way I would rather spend the day.


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