Sometimes it is nice to play tourist right in your own home town. We took the kids downtown for lunch today at Moon River Brewery (we had a gift certificate, but weren’t able to use it because we didn’t meet the minimum purchase requirement! Oh well – guess we will have to go back again and next time order more food!)

We let Fletcher bring his Leapster, which is probably a terrible thing to start, but it makes waiting for the food so much easier! He played his game, Lola Gray played with the salt & pepper shakers, and Raymond and I got to have an actual conversation!!


After lunch we walked down to the river to watch the boats. Not content to just watch, the children wanted to actually RIDE on a boat so we hopped on the ferry and rode across to Hutchison Island, then back across to the Waving Girl and back up the river to where we started.


Along the ride we saw a huge Clipper Ship docked along River Street. Turns out the boat is open for viewing, so we climbed aboard. Lola Gray was a little disappointed that we didn’t GO anywhere on the ship, but the rest of us thought it was pretty nifty.




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