boy colors

My friend Jessica posted a wonderful tirade about boy colors on her blog, and I just can’t resist linking to it. (I hope she doesn’t mind!)

It wasn’t so long ago that Fletcher’s favorite color was pink. I’m not a big fan of pink myself, but fine. Whatever. We didn’t make a big deal of it. The girls at school however, were pretty fast at “setting him straight.” It broke my heart. I’ve done my best to make sure he knows he can like anything he wants, pink or blue, boy or girl, and I think he is coming around. Part of it is normal gender identification, and I’m ok with that too. Yes, I wanted to beat up the boy who told Fletcher that only girls painted their toenails, when just days earlier Fletcher had been soooo excited to have me give him a pedicure. But in our society boys don’t paint their toenails. I told Fletcher it was still ok with me if he wants to paint his toes. But it is also ok if he doesn’t. He chose not to.

All in all, I think Fletcher is at least starting to understand that boys and girls can both like lots of different things; that just because he is a boy doesn’t mean he can’t have a baby doll (which he does) and being a girl doesn’t keep his sister from loving Star Wars (which she does.) But he still doesn’t like to wear his pink polo shirt – even though both his father and grandfather have pink polos and look incredibly handsome in them. Oh well. One step at a time.

Click here to read Jessica’s post.


One response to “boy colors


    I read on another site that the NAZIs are responsible for the feminizing of pink having used pink triangles to mark homosexuals in concentration camps.

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