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You know I am all for technology, and certainly for blogging, but this is crazy!

Picture this: A father and son are walking home from school. The boy bends down to blow on a dandelion. A classic image of childhood, wouldn’t you say?

Once home, the father reaches for a children’s dictionary — the one with the big colorful pictures and 18-point font, written just for 7-year-olds. The father says, “Let’s look up dandelion, son!”

If parents are rolling their eyes from the sickly-sweet unreality of this scenario, stay with me for a moment. It all goes horribly wrong.

They flip to the D section and … dandelion isn’t there. And near to where the word should be? Database.

That’s right — the Oxford Junior Dictionary has been slowly removing many nature words, and adding more technological ones.

For the record:

In: Blog, MP3 player, broadband, Blackberry (the electronic kind)

Out: Acorn, beaver, otter, blackberry (the purple berry you can eat)

Sure, there are plenty of other things beside lexicography for parents to worry about. But I ask you — is it absolutely necessary that kids understand broadband technology at age 7?

via Blog – NWF Green Hour.


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