The weekend has been a blur. Highs and lows. Beautiful weather and fun times at the park. Terrible weather threatening to ruin the oyster roast.

Friday at the park there were dozens of boys with swords, and an epic battle spontaneously erupted. It was wonderful! Fletcher had somehow known to bring his swords to the park as well. Was there some sort of mass text message sent out through the collective unconscious of little boys that day? How did they all know? Fletcher showed them all his trick of carrying swords in the back of his shirt, and pretty soon everyone was doing it. My clever boy.

Saturday Lola Gray attended her friend Valerie’s 3rd birthday party at a gymnastics school. The girls got a little lesson from one of the teachers, and were able to swing on the bars, walk the balance beam, do somersaults down a foam incline, and bounce on the trampoline. Lo was in heaven! Could gymnastics lessons be in our future?

Today it is rainy and gray, after a night of terrible thunderstorms. A good day to rest and recover from the craziness.


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