Saturday at the Jepson

This morning Raymond and I biked the kids down to the Jepson Center for their First Saturday for Kids activity. Today it was making leprechaun hats in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

The kids made great hats, and had fun doing it, but the real fun was in the KidZeum. They love the interactive art and all the art related activities in the kids area. Fletcher likes the computers and games. He couldn’t wait to show me this interactive piece that projects bubbles and sometimes floods of words onto the ground and anyone standing in it’s footprint. The kids had a ball dancing and swimming though the projection.

Lola Gray prefers a more low-tech approach – drawing, building with blocks, and the giant magnetic wall.

They also got to show me the Elizabeth King exhibition, which they had seen a while back with Raymond. Really beautiful work.

The photo above of Fletcher on the steps of the Jepson was totally his idea. He climbed up, sat down, and said “Take my picture.” When Lola Gray tried to sit with him, he said no, this was going to be a picture of just him. Funny boy.

I don’t really know why Raymond took this photo, but I am so glad he did. Look at that sweet little hand holding onto me and pulling me along with her. Love it.

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