Tara Feis

Today was Savannah’s annual Tara Feis (pronounced tera fesh), a great little festival celebrating all things Irish. It has turned chilly again, but we biked the kids down to Emmet Park for the event, with a plan to eat at B. Matthews for lunch. We LOVE B. Matthews, and we don’t get downtown (or go out to eat for that matter) nearly enough. My mouth was watering in anticipation. When we got downtown though, we discovered that neither of us had brought a wallet, so no lunch for us. Also no popcorn or candy apples or cotton candy or any of the other dozen or so yummy fair foods I would have loved to try. Probably better that we left the money at home!

It was pretty chilly, so I didn’t expect us to stay long. We watched the Irish dancers for a while – Lola Gray was fascinated by the girls and their fancy costumes, but Fletcher was bored. He, of course, was mostly interested in the bouncy houses. After bouncing we watched a puppet show and then headed for the bikes – it was well after lunchtime and all our tummies were definitely growling.



On the way we passed the main stage, and the headline act was just getting started. Cherish the Ladies is a leading group in traditional Irish music (which I love) so we stopped for just a minute to listen. Lola Gray heard the very first note and started dancing. She made her way up front right by the stage, and she danced, and danced, and danced. Mind you, the girl was wearing a green tutu over her jeans, the green Ireland t-shirt Auntie M and Uncle Tripp brought back from their honeymoon, and a wreath of shamrocks and ribbons in her hair. So it is no surprise that she drew a little attention. And she loved it! After every song she came running up to me and said “Can we listen to just one more?” And of course we did. Raymond and I could not stop laughing – that little girl has got a flair for the dramatic like no one else I know! There were dozens of people pointing their cameras at her while she danced and twirled and flitted around. What a priceless moment!



One response to “Tara Feis

  1. isn’t it wonderful to see a family able to have soooo much fun without money–the pics are wonderful and i can only wish that i had been there.i miss and love you all–

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