St. Patty’s Day in Savannah

There are so many things I love about living in Savannah. And St. Patrick’s Day is definitely high on the list. The Hostess City knows how to throw a party, and they pull out all the stops for St. Patty’s Day! People always seem surprised that Savannah has the 2nd largest St. Pat’s parade in the country – as if Irish people can only live in New York or Boston? Does no one remember Gone With the Wind?

We started the day, as has become our tradition, with the green pancake breakfast at the Bass’s house. Then biked downtown for Irish coffee and scones before heading over to the parade. We were able to bike right through the staging ground for the parade, so the kids were able to see everything up close which was wonderful. We even stopped and got an up close look at the Budweiser Clydesdales!

Have I mentioned how much I love parades?? I love the excitement, the floats, and especially the marching bands. I LOVE marching bands! The kids had a ball, though Lola Gray was a little upset about people standing in the street to watch the parade – we have spent so much time telling them how dangerous that is and then today we went and changed the rules!


One response to “St. Patty’s Day in Savannah

  1. Thanks for sharing. We were on Jekyll Island for a wedding and reception.

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