Hunting Island

This week was Spring Break for Raymond, Fletcher and me. In honor of the occasion (it might be the only time 3 of the 4 of us have Spring Break the same week!) we took a camping trip to Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina. It was only about an hour and a half drive, which was perfect. The park itself, was likewise perfect.

Our camp site was one of the most remote in the park, though just an easy hike from where we parked the car. We were tucked back in the coastal forest – a wonderful mix of pine trees, live oaks and palm trees – and though there were other tent campers nearby it really felt like we had the woods to ourselves. There was a playground nearby, and a wonderful beach just a short walk from the tent. It is so rare to find a beach with no buildings along the shore whatsoever – no houses, no hotels, no restaurants. Just trees, right up to the edge of the sandy beach. Amazing. 

In the evening we built a big fire and cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and, of course, toasted marshmallows! The raccoons were very curious – and obviously hungry – so we ended up taking all the food back to the car for the night. Maybe a campsite a little closer to the car would have been better after all. Oh well. It was a little creepy listening to the raccoons all night long (Raymond and the kids slept great, but I seemed to be awake and listening more often than I was sleeping.) They sounded like monkeys. Or some sort of huge bird. Very high pitched and squawky.  

The next day we had a lazy morning in camp, then packed up and headed to the other end of the island to meet Debbie and the kids for a picnic at the lighthouse and more fun on the beach. What a wonderful trip!



4 responses to “Hunting Island

  1. Great pictures of the beach,camping and your family. I would like to create a blog like this for my family. I guess I’ll need to get over the learning curve.

  2. feedingthefamily

    Thanks, Wanda! The learning curve is really not that steep – give it a go and I’m sure you will have as much fun blogging as I do!

  3. I’m just overwhelmed by the quality of your photos. At first I thought it was just gorgeous subjects (and of course your family is beautiful!!!) but you are an amazing photographer. You really have a great eye!

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