It’s not good news, but . . .

it isn’t bad news either I guess.

Today was the lottery drawing for kindergarten spots at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, the school that we really want Fletcher to attend next year. We had heard that they only anticipated 31 openings and had 38 sibling applicants who automatically move to the top of the list. That didn’t leave much hope for the rest of the 98 hopeful families.

But, Raymond went to the drawing this morning anyway, trying to remain hopeful. And the situation ended up being not quite as dire as we believed. There were more open spots in kindergarten than expected – 41 openings. That allowed all the siblings to be admitted, plus room for 3 more. Still not great odds – 3 in 98. Fletcher did not get one of those 3 spots (or obviously I would have started this post with hoots of joy) but he is 4th on the waiting list. That is a lot better than it could have been!

The principal told Raymond that lots of things can change. Families move away or change their minds. Who knows? Plus, he said something about having to keep 10 spots open in case new students move into the “district”, but since the district is only about 5 blocks total the odds are against anyone moving in. He also said that with the budget being what it is, class size (I think for all Chatham if not all Georgia schools) could be increased. This is not a great thing – I really think smaller classes are better for everyone – but it would definitely get Fletcher into Ellis since he is so high on the list. In either case, we won’t have confirmation until at least the day before classes start in the fall and possible not until 10 days AFTER classes have started.

So . . . . now the waiting game begins. We are going to attend kindergarten orientation at our other school option – Jacob G. Smith Traditional Academy – tomorrow morning. I hate this feeling of being in limbo. In so many ways it would be easier if we drew a really high number in the lottery and stood no chance of getting in. I want to be 100% enthusiastic about school for Fletcher’s sake, no matter if his school ends up being Ellis or Smith. But I’m afraid to be too gungho about Smith and then turn around and say “Oh! Just kidding! You are going to Ellis instead!”

Oh well. Nothing is ever simple I guess.


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