Lola Gray’s pole beans have sprouted! She is thrilled. So thrilled that she spent a good bit of time in the garden singing “growing songs” to the little sprouts and hugging their pole teepees. The girl cracks me up.

     dsc_0214  dsc_0216

I really hope we can keep this garden going! I have dreams of becoming an urban homesteader, growing our own food, maybe even raising a few chickens so that we can have fresh, organic eggs every morning. A colleague  has backyard chickens (this seems to be a growing trend!) and right now has 18 newly hatched chicks – I want to talk to him about possibly adopting a few if Raymond can build a suitable coop. Maybe one of these days we will be able to afford solar panels so we can take ourselves “off the grid.”


4 responses to “sprouts!

  1. Have you checked your zoning laws? I think I would ask your neighbors about it as well!Do you remember when your grandfather had chickens?

  2. feedingthefamily

    I do remember when Grandaddy had chickens! I actually remember being a little scared of them, which probably makes this whole idea totally crazy . . . . but I’m still interested. The laws in Chatham County say you can have up to 5 backyard chickens in the city limits, no roosters. We are thinking maybe 2 would be good to start with. Jason says we can have our pick of chicks next month if we want!

  3. How about some turkey’s,too–full grown and laying eggs–who could ask for anything more–

  4. feedingthefamily

    I think our yard is WAY too tiny for turkeys! Never thought about turkey eggs though – do you guys eat them?

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