Newborn chicks and daisy chains

Yup. It’s Spring. And today it finally felt like Spring after days of rain and chilly temps. The kids and I visited the Easter Bunny and the chick hatchery at the mall and had sooooo much fun. The chicks were the greatest thing ever. Both the children were totally in love with them and, surprisingly, not the least bit afraid of holding them. We probably stayed there an hour! Fletcher named his chick “Ginger” and Lola Gray named hers “Butterfly.” 


After the mall we stopped at the park to enjoy the sunshine and fabulously warm air. Someone had turned on the water in the fountains, and Lola Gray immediately stripped down to her skivvies and started splashing. The girl didn’t miss a beat. When she wasn’t in the water, I showed her how to make daisy chains, which of course she thought was wonderful and I imagine we will make a lot of them in coming days. It all got me really excited for summer, when we will be able to go to the park and play in the fountains and make daisy chains every single day. As for Fletcher, he was totally mesmerized by a group of skateboarders. We may be in trouble . . . .

There are tons more photos from today. TONS. For those of you who are Facebook friends, you can view the photos by following this link. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Newborn chicks and daisy chains

  1. Fabulous pictures. Esp. the one of Lola w/ the flowers on her little chest. Extremely hateful of you to go see the chicks without us.

  2. feedingthefamily

    Nic – Thought of you while playing with the chicks, and hated that you weren’t there. Maybe next year?

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