Easter chicks a hit at mall | SavannahNow.com

Lola Gray in the Savannah Morning News!

Extension service brings chick hatchery to Oglethorpe Mall

For most city kids, an Easter chick means stiff marshmallow with a granulated sugar coating.

But not for children at the Oglethorpe Mall this week. Since Wednesday and continuing through 8 p.m. today, the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service of Chatham County is putting its annual chick hatchery on display.

View Spotted® photos of the chick hatchery.

Kids of all ages watched Thursday as chicks pecked out of their shells, struggled to stand after being folded in an egg for 18 days and then nestled warm and downy soft in the hands of the spectators.

“It’s sort of like we bring the farm to the city,” said Jackie Ogden of the extension service.

Grant Roush, who’s almost 2, plopped a chick onto the tray of his stroller, then handed it to pal Michael Mack, 3, who stood higher and higher on his toes as the chick climbed up his cupped hands toward his chin.

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