Strawberries, catfish, a few turtles and a goose

The children and I took a picnic lunch and headed to the Bamboo Farm & Coastal Garden for strawberry picking today! It was another beautiful day, breezy and cool in the shade but the sun was strong and warm. I love this weather. The berries were ripe and sweet, and I’m sure we ate more than made it into the bucket! I only had $5 with me, so we filled half a pail and vowed to return next week for more.

After lunch, we walked to the edge of the pond to visit the lone goose and a nice family of turtles. There were several baby turtles that we all loved. Then Fletcher said something about the catfish, and I thought “Catfish?” But sure enough I looked down and there were dozens of huge catfish that I hadn’t even noticed! (In my defense, I was focused on keeping the children from falling into the pond . . . )

We asked the woman who worked there if we could feed the goose and the turtles, and she said certainly. We had leftover cheese from lunch, but discovered they also love the tops of strawberries. And we also discovered that catfish are unbelievably aggressive! In no time the water was boiling with fish – catfish jumping out of the water, catfish knocking into turtles and flipping them on their backs, catfish attaching the goose to get the treats ways from him! It was hysterical. And a little scary . . . The photos do not begin to tell the story.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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