Puppet shows, Sweet Tea & Monday mornings

Monday mornings are hard. I hate getting up and leaving. Even more so when Lola Gray cries and clings to me, as she has been doing of late. She will grab my arm and say she is never letting go. It breaks my heart. This morning I made it out the door only to have her press her sweet face to the mail slot, sobbing and saying “Mommy don’t go!” I know full well that she is fine 5 minutes after I leave, but her tears make the leaving so, so hard. Only a few more weeks until summer break. I can’t wait!

Sunday afternoon was the Ardsley Park Spring Fling. We stayed close to home most of the day, lounging in our jammies and watching puppet shows. Both Fletcher and Lola Gray painted backdrops for their puppet shows, and came up with long and elaborate story lines. Lola Gray’s show centered around a singing princess elephant. Fletcher’s featured a seal who beat up bad guys and saved the world from evil. Both did a great job – I particularly loved Lola Gray’s painted backdrop of musical notes and Fletcher’s addition of scary music and sound effects to heighten the suspense.

The Spring Fling was a blur, as these events always seem to be. Lots of good food, lots of friends, great music by the Tenderloin Trio (Lola Gray loves dancing to their music and watching them play) and of course the giant bouncy slide. Everyone had a great time, though the children, left a little too much to their own devices, drank their weight in Sweet Tea and ate fistfuls of brownies and cookies. The combination of sugar and caffeine was a bit much, and though they got in bed an hour and a half later than normal they still had a hard time getting to sleep – and woke much earlier than they should have!


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