growing . . .

The garden is growing! We have lots of green cherry tomatoes on several plants, and while none of the larger variety of tomato has produce fruit yet, we are finally starting to see flowers. The pole beans have really taken off, winding all the way up their bamboo poles and into the air. There are lots of little purple flowers, so we are hoping that means lots of beans!

Even the cucumber plants are covered in flowers! I didn’t expect that, because the plants themselves have not grown as much as I expected. The peppers aren’t looking great. We have picked two banana peppers so far – one that the birds or bugs had already tasted – but the plants themselves have barely grown since we put them in the ground. No flowers at all on the yellow bell pepper plants, but I’m not giving up hope yet.

It is clear to see the section of the garden that was composted before we planted – the plants there are easily twice the size of their counterparts elsewhere in the garden. Now that we have a compost bin we should have plenty of rich humus for next year’s garden, and I imagine our results will be much better next year than this. Still, it is hard not to have high expectations for this summer’s crop. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


2 responses to “growing . . .

  1. Your garden is sooooo much better looking than ours–we have gotten some lettuce and radishes–We put up a bag of turnips–Wayne pulled all that we had and only got one bag after the cooked down—they were very good–I love the fresh veggies from the garden–enjoy–f

  2. Your garden looks beautiful!

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