Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sundays are the best. No plan. No where to be. Just hangin’ out. 

The kids have played beautifully today. Exactly the way we always hope they will, but never really seem to. No television. They haven’t even asked to watch a show. They played in the yard all morning, came in for lunch, then back out to play.

This morning I made another batch of strawberry jam, made some granola and some white bean dip for tomorrow’s lunch. This afternoon Raymond and the kids relocated the plastic play set. We thought we were putting it in the attic before sending it to cousin Benjamin, but F & LG seem suddenly to have a new interest in it so it has moved to a new home outside  the kitchen door for the moment. While they worked on the play set, I painted the new chicken coop! It is all ready, now we are just waiting on the chickens . . .

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