The power of scent

I wish there was some way to capture scent, someway to trap it in a book, upload it to the computer, catalog it to revist at a later date. It amazes me the way a passing breeze can offer even the faintest whiff and I am instantly transported through time and space, a pulse of  rememberance much more powerful than anything intentionally recalled. There are some scents that get me every time – fabric softener blowing hot from the dryer vent, my children’s sweaty heads or my husband’s pillow, the hiss of gas before the burner ignites, the sweet bouquet of jasmine that saturates Savannah this time of year. Other times I am caught completely off guard, unable to even recall the exact mix of scents that triggered the sudden flash of walking though early morning Italy on the way to get coffee, or idling on the Greyhound Bus at a truck stop on an elementary school trip. Odd how our brains are wired. Odd and wonderful and maybe the not understanding makes it all the more so.


3 responses to “The power of scent

  1. Beautiful.

  2. I’ll for ever think of the smell of plastic baby dolls and Christmas.

    • Lois, I can’t believe you said that – Tim’s parents dropped off a baby doll last weekend for Cole to play with (I think so he’ll be less inclined to throw his baby sister into the recycling bin), and when we opened it, Pat said, “Oh! Smells like Christmas!”

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