My life with chickens

Henriella, Iva, and the chick formerly known as Flower but now called Jewel, are settling nicely into their new home. I really think they look happier – and healthier – than they did even a few days ago. Their feathers seem to be filling in a bit, and they don’t run away from us and huddle in the corner of the coop when we come near like they did the first few days.

They are such odd little creatures! Raymond pointed out how closely related they are to dinosaurs, and it is easy to see, easy to imagine them on a gigantic scale stomping across the landscape rather than just scratching around in their pen. I’m still a little scared of them – scared that I will hurt them when I am trying to pull one out of the coop, scared that they will peck me, or something . . . I’m not really sure what I am scared of but whatever it is I am overcoming it for the sake of my children. I don’t want them to see their mother afraid of a little chicken!

I love sitting and watching the chicks. Love watching the children watch the chicks. Love hearing their tiny little peeps from the backyard when I first come down the stairs in the morning. The sound was something I had not really anticipated – it is much sweeter and more lyrical than I expected, more like a song bird than a chicken really. I imagine that will change as they grow up, though I think I will still find the sound as appealing. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why, but the sound is very comforting somehow.

The world may be in chaos, but in our little backyard the garden is growing, and so are the chicks and the lizards and the children’s imaginations. Life with chickens is good.


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