Charity auction

I have begun planning an online auction to benefit the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. The process is daunting, but the cause is without question a worthy one. It seems that our donors agree – I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of those I have contacted about making donations to the auction! The items are starting to roll in now, and I am so excited I  must share them with you!

Cece Bell, the fabulous children’s book author and illustrator of Sock Monkey fame, sent autographed copies of two of her books – Bee Wigged and Sock Monkey Rides Again. Sock Monkey is one of our favorites (I love reading Sock Monkey Boogie Woogie to the kids – cracks me up every time) but I had not yet been introduced to Jerry Bee. The books are wonderful, and I know they will be a great addition to the auction. I might try to package them in a basket with some related items. My mother-in-law made some wonderful sock monkeys for the children a few years back . . . perhaps a sock monkey themed basket and  a bumble bee themed basket?

I also received in the mail some wonderful sets of Sugarcoat car decals! I am so in love with this idea – why not make your car stand out from the sea of minivans and SUVs by adding a little flair? Made from premium quality vehicle vinyl, the decals can withstand any weather or car wash that comes your way. You can add some subtle design or go for something more dramatic.  Your car, your choice.  It is positive energy sent out to the streets.  Change the world?  No – well maybe.  Who doesn’t smile when they see great design?  Make everyone happy on the road.  Sarah kindly sent me a few extra samples to decorate my own car, and I can not wait for it to STOP RAINING so I can put them on!! I think the kids are going to get a huge kick out of it, and it should be good advertising for the auction as well as I’m sure people will stop and ask me about the decals.

I’ll continue to post updates as more fabulous items arrive for the auction – and I’ll be sure to let everyone know the auction details as the date approcahes so you can all bid!!!


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