Visiting “home”

Fresh on the heels of a vist from Grandmama,  we headed off last week visit NayNay and Grandaddy! What lucky ducks we are! It has been years since I lived in Roanoke. In fact, I realized the other day that I have spent more years away than I ever actually lived there – but it still feels like home.

On the drive, Paddinton got some much needed repairs. Not the neatest sewing in the world, but the holes are patched and Fletcher is quite pleased with his choice of fabric (it matches our kitchen cushions.)

I always forget how sweet the air smells there in the spring. Honeysuckle and new grass and cool air.

Lola Gray calls Duke “Doot”.

Everything was incredibly lush and in full bloom. Lola Gray had a ball picking every flower she could reach off the dogwood tree – good thing she isn’t very tall!

We visited the Mill Mountain Zoo and the star, ate a lot of good food, and visited with family. But the big reason we were there was to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Forty years! It’s pretty amazing to look back over the last 40 years and see how much the world has changed, how much the family they created has changed and grown. We got dressed up and went out for a wonderful dinner on Friday night to celebrate – no children. I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time! (Of course we did not take a single photo!!) I hope Raymond and I make it to our 40th anniversary – we got married much later than my parents, so we will be pretty darn old by that point!

Having Boo home from London for the weekend was another highlight of the trip. She was busy with a friend’s wedding, so we didn’t see her as much as we would like, but it was such a treat to get to visit with her. I hate having my baby sister all the way across the ocean! (Until, that is, I am able to go and visit her!!)

The trip wasn’t all fun though. My 9o year old Grandmother Kathleen was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on Saturday. She seems to be doing well, but at 90 you have to take everything seriously. It was hard to see her in the hospital, hard to see how much she has aged in the few months since I saw her last. Getting old is lousy – but it sure beats the alternative.

I wish so much that I could see my family more often. I hate that we live so far away, but I love that despite the distance and the months between visits Fletcher and Lola pick up playing with their cousins as if they saw them every day. They have so much fun together!

Still, it was nice to get home. The chicks seem to have grown while we were away! And so did the garden! The tomato plants are much taller than I am now, and heavy with fruit. (The upside down tomatoes aren’t looking very good unfortunately – I’m not sure if they grew too big for the containers or just got too much water in all the rain . . .)

And look at the size of that purple pole bean! I guess that’s what a week of straight rain will do!

There were too many wonderful photos from the weekend to post them all. Here is a slideshow so you can get the full picture – I really love the ones of the children playing in the creek!

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