A quiet place

We have a new hammock in the backyard. A quiet place in the shade to watch the chickens scratch and the kids play.

Quiet places are good. Thinking places. Napping places. There is something so soothing about the slight swaying of the hammock. I need that right now.

It hasn’t been the easiest of days. My grandmother is very sick and I am worried about her, worried about my mother, sad that while I was able to see my grandmother last weekend the children were not . . . it breaks my heart that they may not have any memory of her at all. . . 

But this is life, and it just keeps going whether we want it to or not. At least we have a quiet place in the corner of the yard where everything slows down a bit and we can just enjoy the now. I’ll deal with whatever comes next. But for now, I just want to rock quietly in the hammock with my kiddos and enjoy the sunlight filtering through the trees.


One response to “A quiet place

  1. Great pictures! I love hammocks. Love, Goddess

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