Raymond is off to Rome.

Saying goodbye was hard. Harder than I expected actually. I’m certain that is in part because I wish so much that he could come to Roanoke with me for my Grandmother’s funeral. There is no way something like that could ever be easy, but having him around makes everything a little easier . . . anyway, he had to go and of course I understand.

Fletcher got a little weepy at the airport, and that made it harder too. Lola Gray acted totally oblivious until we got in the car , then she sobbed for 20 minutes and said we could NOT go eat at Moe’s without Daddy. Fletcher agreed, he said it wouldn’t be the same without Daddy being silly . . . they will be fine, but they are really going to miss him.

So will I.

This afternoon the kids have played beautifully. We played outside in the hammock for a long time. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there this summer, relaxing in the shade.

Now Fletcher is playing Harry Potter. Lola Gray has put on goggles and a swim suit 2 sizes too small and is swimming around the house and ringing a bell. I’m not sure what the bell has to do with anything . . .

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