Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

A hard day

Today was a really hard day. My Grandmother is gone, and I am heartbroken. I know she was ready, she is better off now. I know these things, but I miss her terribly.

My sister Erin said the following at the funeral today. I think she spoke beautifully about our Grandmother and the amazing person she was, and I am so grateful to Erin for doing it – my emotions are far to close to the surface for me to be able to speak.

When I think about Grandmommy I think about playing hide and seek under the bags of old clothes in her giant storage closet. I think about playing with little army men in the rock room in the basement. I think about her trunk full of paper thin old baby clothes and her doll collection that both fascinated and scared me. I think of chocolate cake and fried chicken and the smell of mothballs. I think about stewed tomatoes and chocolate jets. I think about her smile and her goofy sense of humor. I think about playing go fish for hours at her kitchen table and eating sugar snap peas straight from the garden. Our Grandmother was such an incredible person. She was as beautiful and glamorous as she was silly and playful. She was generous and genuine. She loved to laugh and she loved to sing and she did both often. She loved people and she loved life. And we loved her. And we are really going to miss her