Breakfast picnic

I’m leaving for Italy tomorrow. Sounds strange to say. I’m sooooo excited, but having pangs about leaving the children. I wanted to make our last day before I fly off a good one, despite the incredibly messy house, huge pile of laundry, and the fact that I have not packed a thing. So . . . .first thing this morning we hoped on the bike and went to the park for a breakfast picnic. I was so proud of myself for biking them all the way to the park and back!! Ok, we went very slowly, but I did it!

It was actually really nice being at the park so early. We listened to the birds, watched the neighbors walking their dogs and kids heading out to school. By 10:30 it was already blistering hot so we retreated to the shade of our backyard. I am really looking forward to the park summer program starting in a few weeks so we will be able to cool off in the fountains.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. Chasing chickens, swinging, playing legos and Uno and hunting for bugs. Fletcher found a roly poly at the park in the morning that met an . . . unfortunate end from a bit too much rough play. This afternoon while riding his scooter he found this fuzzy little striped caterpillar and the kids have vowed to treat him better. He is currently living in a glass jar on the kitchen window sill. Wonder how long that will last?

Grandmama showed up this afternoon, full of plans for an exciting week with the kiddos. This will be like summer camp for them! I know I am going to miss them like crazy, and I know I am going to cry when I leave them, but I also know they are going to be fine. More than fine. They are going to have a ball. And so will I.


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