I am such a homebody.

Don’t get me wrong – Italy was amazing. Spending time with my husband, whom I miss desperately, was incredible. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But it feels sooooo good to be home again.

Today I ate the first ripe tomato from the garden. I had coffee with my girlfriends. I watched children eating popsicles and playing super heros in the back yard.

This is summer.

And I love it.


2 responses to “homebody

  1. Isn’t that the best kind of travel though? The kind you love and the kind that fills you up so much, all you’re ready for is home.

    I can’t wait to do more traveling, with the peace of mind I have a permenant place to plant my feet.


  2. Ashley,
    I love your blog…it warms my heart and brings huge smiles all the time. I’m so jealous you already got to eat your first tomato! I’m headed your way this next week to drop of the donation for the Literacy event…I hope I can sneak a peek at your two lovely kids and those chickens! Let me know if a certain day/time is better…

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