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Hart to Heart: Dads man up to be Mr. Moms | SavannahNow.com

I hate that Raymond is so far away from us on Father’s Day. I hope we will be able to get him on the phone, though our efforts so far this morning have failed. I also hope he enjoys Anne Hart’s article in the Savannah Morning News today about stay-at-home dads. Here is a snipet:

Raymond Gaddy of Savannah is used to being the only dad in a playground of mothers and children.

While not an official stay-at-home dad because he teaches two days a week, Raymond puts in a huge amount of time taking care of two children and a house. When his wife teaches two to three days a week, Raymond does it all.

“I am glad that I am participating in my children’s development, and have at every step,” he said. “I feel like my kids know me better, are willing to communicate with me about anything and, on a selfish note, I feel richer for the experiences I’ve had with my kids.”

His wife, Ashley, said her husband has more empathy for everything involved with taking care of the home and the children.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference between moms and dads. Such as the time Raymond took their then-1-year-old daughter to the park one spring afternoon wearing her silk taffeta Christmas dress. But in the grand scheme, Ashley says, those things don’t matter.

“He does things in his own ‘Dad’ way and has created an amazing relationship with our children as a result,” Ashley said. “I can say without question that he is a fantastic father.”

via Hart to Heart: Dads man up to be Mr. Moms | SavannahNow.com.