a busy week

I realized I haven’t posted for a while. It has been a busy week, though I have not taken a single photo! The kids have been going to vacation bible school in the mornings. They are loving it, and come home full of songs and stories. The lunch program has started in the park, so we run from VBS over to the park for lunch and an hour of play before heading home  to meet Kate. I’ve started back to school this week, teaching one class every afternoon and Kate has been staying with the kids. They love her, and are having a ball – they barely even notice when I leave the house! By the time I get home from class, we have just enough time for an hour or 2 of play before dinner and bed so they week is passing in something of a blur!

The garden continues to grow, and we have had ripe tomatoes every day for a week. Is there anything better than a homegrown tomato? Fletcher has even been eating them whole – like an apple!

The “girls” are continuing to grow as well. I’ve been trying to give them treats every day – just veggie scraps from the kitchen mostly – and they seem to be warming up to me a little more. Last night I opened the coop door to check on them after they had curled up for the night, and not only did they not immediately hop down and run away from me but they actually let me pet their backs for a minute! I think that is definite progress!


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