3 more days till Daddy comes home

Today was the last day of vacation Bible school. The kids have had such a wonderful week at VBS! Every night at dinner they have sung me the new song they learned that day (and argued about the words) and chattered on and on about the art projects they did and the new friends they made. 

For the last day, the children were all asked to wear their VBS t-shirts. Lola Gray, however, says that girls wear dresses. She finally agreed to wear a skirt, but of course we couldn’t find one! (Did we leave her purple ruffled skirt in Virginia? I can’t find it anywhere!) In the end, she wore shorts topped off by her biggest, pinkest tutu. There were some, before Lola’s birth, who teased me that I was sure to end up with a tomboy who would scoff at all the frilly dresses I was dying to buy. Seems those folks were wrong. This is the girliest little girl there is. Fearless to be certain, but definitely frilly.

We followed up VBS with a very sweaty lunch at the park. Fletcher has turned in to a swinging fanatic in the last week or so. He has been “pumping” for months now, but something really clicked last week and now he is able to pump himself really high. And he loves it. The higher the better. In so many ways he is my more cautious child, but when it comes to the swing the sky seems to be the limit. I love the huge smile on his face when he swings, and the excitement in his eyes. And I love this photo of his sweaty hair flying in the air.

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