4th of July weekend

What a weekend! Friday evening we went bowling with friends and had a ball! The kids have been talking about bowling forever, and have talked about it non-stop since Grandmama took them while I was in Rome. I knew they would have fun – but I think the adults had every bit as much fun as the kids! Perhaps a Gaddy/Gerhardt/Norman/Vanderlaan-Braun bowling league is in our future?

After bowling and dinner Raymond and I biked the kids over to Daffin Park to watch the fireworks from Grayson stadium. This is the 2nd year now that we have watched the Sand Gnats pre 4th of July fireworks, and I think it is destined to become tradition. Rather than fighting the crowds on River Street, worrying about parking and walking, etc. on the 4th we can bike  to Daffin, spread out on a blanket and watch the stars come out before the fireworks start. The kids ran freely, the grass was cool, the fact that it was actually July 3rd mattered not at all.

Saturday, of course, was the 2nd Annual Gaddy 4th of July BBQ! Good food, good friends – even half a million uninvited flies couldn’t really spoil the fun.



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