Our garden is under siege. The culprit seems to be a squirrel or other similar nasty creature who has discovered what was once the bounty of our beautiful tomato plants. The bounty is no more. The tomatoes are gone. All of them. Gone. Ravaged by this  . . . this . . . critter. Between Friday night and Monday morning he ate every last tomato – even the green ones!

I am heartbroken.

But, I am also determined that he will not get the better of me. I will win this battle. There are new flowers on the tomato plants and by the time they turn in to fruit I will find a solution to this problem!

I could use some help though. I read online that coffee grounds deter squirrels, but that did not help us at all. I have also read to put vinegar soaked rags in the garden. Or dog hair – I certainly have enough of that! I’ll try anything. I’ll try everything! Suggestions, please!

5 responses to “thief!

  1. Wayne suggested that you put some kind on netting over you garden–might work–also–he thought it might be birds-

  2. I think netting is a good idea. My father used netting over his blueberries to protect them from the birds. Do chickens like tomatoes?

  3. Try red pepper–that is used to deter squirrels from digging flower bulbs.

    • Wow! That hornworm is scary looking! I don’t think that is what we have, since the leaves of the plants look ok, but I’m going to inspect for worms this morning anyway. Thanks for the tip!

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