Our friend’s cat just had kittens! Five, tiny, adorable kittens and one very happy Mama Cat. Mama decided to have her babies in the basement window well behind a bush, so it is a bit hard to get in to see them, but Fletcher and Lola were not deterred, climbing over  and under bushes to get their first ever view of newborn kittens! I am so glad they have the opportunity to see the babies (without them actually being in MY house) and watch them over the next few weeks as they open their eyes and venture away from Mama Cat.

Lola Gray, leaning into the window well to watch the kittens nurse, turned to her brother and said “They are getting milk from her nibbles! Do you see her nibbles?” Too cute! I’m not going to correct her pronunciation – I think nibble is totally appropriate for the job Mama Cat is currently undertaking.

The real question is this: Will one of these kittens end up coming home with us?


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