figs for breakfast

The figs in the lane are ripe, and the kids have been eating them faster than Raymond can gather them! I’m not a huge fan of figs myself, something about the texture, but they are an incredibly beautiful fruit. Plus, it makes me so happy to watch my children gobble up food that was plucked from the tree only moments earlier. It makes me miss my grandfather Fletcher’s garden and orchard – and makes me wish I had appreciated them more when I had the chance.


2 responses to “figs for breakfast

  1. Figs are delicious with prosciutto. Did you plant a fig tree or do you just have one?! Figs are so expensive to buy (at least here), you are lucky to have them!

    • We did plant a fig tree, and it had a few little figs on it but they disappeared. Fortunately, there is a big fig tree in the lane so we just help ourselves!

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