Sometimes, things just don’t work out

Sometimes things just don’t work out. Today has been one of those days. Stress is getting the better of me, and while I am trying to do what I can, to be helpful and productive and happy, it isn’t always easy. Today I just wanted to get outside, be somewhere different, have a little fun. But we only had a few hours to spare.

The plan was to bike down to the Jepson Center. We haven’t been for a while, and the kids love to look at the new exhibits and play in the kids area. It wasn’t exactly the day I was hoping for, but it was a good suggestion and the kids were so excited . . . . and the fresh air and exercise from biking might help clear my head. But, just before we were to leave, Raymond decided he didn’t really want to bike and since it did look like there was another storm brewing, I only pouted a little. Then, we got downtown only to find the museum closed! (Drat! Tuesday!)

OK. Plan B. We walked over to Savannah Bee Company only to find the children’s bee hive play area closed! Ugh! Honey samples were fun for a while, but then what? We walked down to River Street and rode the ferry, which could have been much more fun if Lola Gray didn’t suddenly decide she was afraid of the boat and if Fletcher had stopped whining that he was starving for jellybeans and simply could  not *  go *  one * step * further without something to drink. The drama! Frankly, it exhausts me.

Sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes the place you want to go isn’t there. Or it is, but it turns out it really isn’t where you wanted to be afterall. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes your hens turn out to be roosters. Sometimes accidents happen and people get really hurt. Sometimes things get broken and you can’t fix them. It can be enough to make you want to pull out your hair, throw in the towel, walk away.

You can’t always get what you want.

But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

One response to “Sometimes, things just don’t work out

  1. You know, getting what you need is what most people strive for. It is a beautiful blessing taken for granted while we wish for icing. What you need is good; knowing it is great.

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