Thinking of Halloween

The first Halloween catalog arrived in the mail yesterday, and I think we have found Lola Gray’s costume! So cute to see Lola and her friend Francie pouring over the catalog, oohing and ahhing at all the beautiful costumes. It didn’t take long for Lo to pick out her favoirte. Can’t believe it could actually be that easy, but the costume is adorable and the price is pretty good. I think I need to go ahead and make the decision and purchase the costume before they sell out!

The only problem is that I can’t decide which one to get. Lola Gray wants the Stargazer Lily flower fairy costume. I like the Rose flower fairy costume. I’m sure I will end up buying the Lily – it is her costume after all! But the Rose one is sooooooo cute. Given the amount of use costumes get in our house, I am really tempted to buy both of them. They come in size 4-6, so she could get years worth of use from them, as she has the costumes from the past 2 Halloweens . . .

Such a shame these things don’t come in my size. I would so love to be a flower fairy!

Finding a costume for Fletcher was not so easy. Still no decisions on that front. But I did find a dozen adorable t-shirts for him in the same catalog. Now that he will soon be wearing a uniform to school every day, I want to make sure that his “weekend clothes” are fun and unique. I think these fit the bill, don’t you? I’ve had my eye on that guitar shirt for a while, and now it is on sale!


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