Picture that!

Want to know the difference between me and professional photographers? Well, just take a look a these amazing photos taken by Jason & Veta Bateham of Azelle Photography! Recently, Jason & Veta made a generous donation to the auction we are planning for the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. I love the modern angles and amazing sense of light they capture in their photos, so when Veta contacted me and asked if we would allow them to shoot our family for the cover of Savannah Home & Family magazine, we jumped on the opportunity!

Jason & Veta came over last night and the session was super fun and easy. They were very natural with the kids, who were more than eager to show off for them. And the most amazing thing? They had photos from the session up on their blog within hours! Wow! What is it that makes the light and the color so amazing in their photos? I obviously have a lot to learn!

There are more amazing photos posted on the Azelle blog, but here is a taste. I think the one of our stinky pooch is my favorite!!









One response to “Picture that!

  1. I actually like yours better.

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