I mean, I know I’m a bit scatter brained . . . but this takes the cake.

This afternoon Raymond took the kids to a birthday party in Hilton Head. I couldn’t go because I was still in class when they left Savannah. Hate to miss the party, but the opportunity for some quiet studio time is hard to argue with!

So I’m upstairs working away, when the dog starts going absolutely nuts barking at the front door. I yell at him a few times, but he just keeps barking. Finally, I run down the stairs in a huff and throw open the door to prove to him that no one is there. Only . . . there is someone there. Amy. THE BABYSITTER!

Raymond and I, who rarely go out without the kids, had arranged a babysitter so that we could go to the Jepson for cocktails and to see The Moth. And I was so excited about it! Right up until the time I totally forgot about it. Suddenly I find myself blubbering to Amy about the fact that not only did I forget she was coming (and I only arranged this days earlier!) but the children were not home and were, in fact, an hour away at a birthday party! I felt like a total idiot. I mean, seriously? It has come to this?

Amy graciously agreed to come back tomorrow night, so we will get to see a movie and have a little adult time. But I still feel like such a moron! Ugh.


2 responses to “seriously?

  1. Just wanted to swing by and say how much I enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your amazing photos, here and at the NWF website.

    Such fortunate kidlings you have under your wings!

    Warm regards,

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