life on the rivah

Just back from a few days in Alabama. No cell service. No internet. Lots of fishing and riding boats and watching clouds. Lola Gray turned out to be quite the little fisherman! Every time she caught a fish she would say “Let’s cook it and eat it!” but Fletcher would get soooooo upset and say that we could NOT eat the fish because it had a family and we needed to let him go back to his family. I love that my son is so sweet and sensative (and love that my daughter was touching fish and grabbing bait crickets without hesitation!) but man do fresh fish taste good – I was siding with Lola Gray on this one! In the end though, we let them all go. But next time, we are going to have a serious fish fry!


2 responses to “life on the rivah

  1. we miss you all so much–maybe there will be phone service one day–

    • Not having phone service is not always a bad thing!! We had a great time – looking forward to the next visit!

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