Day of play

Today was a day of play. Nothing but play all day long! If only all days could be so full!

The day started with City workers pouring the new sidewalk across the street. Could you ask for more than the chance to watch a concrete mixer pouring its load only inches away from you? Well, we could have asked to put handprints in the wet sidewalk, and indeed we DID ask . . . but it didn’t work out. . . .

No worries! We were off for fun and coffee with friends. The kids painted faces and played dress up while the Moms drank coffee and talked. Our coffee group has only met sporadically over the summer, but I can not tell you how much I miss that Thursday morning sanity!

After lunch, another playdate! While the boys played in the yard, Lola Gray painted in the playroom and sang to herself – I love listening to her madeup songs! At some point, she decided that she had so enjoyed the morning of facepainting that she wanted to try it again. Only this time, instead of makeup she used markers! Forunately she didn’t get her hand on any Sharpies!

The evening found this kiddos taking a very long, very soapy bath. They have so much fun together in the tub – sometimes they literally stay in for an hour or more! When I went to finally retrieve them for dinner, the light in the bathroom was so beautiful I had to grab the camera again. A beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

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