slowing down

Life has been hot and sluggish lately. It isn’t the lazy summer I dreamed of – R. and I are actually incredibly busy and backed up with work – but we have all been feeling slow and lazy. Our adventures have been small and close to home . . .

The kids found this incredibly colorful beetle in the back yard – I’m kind of surprised the chickens didn’t get to it first!

We pulled something vaguely carrot-ish from the garden today. It was tiny, but we all had a bite. The kids were thrilled. (By the way, it is supposed to be yellow – some sort of heirloom carrot seeds . . . they are growing very slowly!)

These are the dog days of summer. I don’t want it to be over. I am not ready for school to start. But the months of no routine . . . it starts to take a toll after a while. 


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