Tonight, as I was snuggling in bed with Fletcher and talking to him about how exciting it is going to be to meet his new teacher tomorrow, he started to cry. Just a little, but still . . . I asked him what was wrong and he said he was just going to really miss me when he starts school. (Can you hear my heart breaking? Can you see me choking back tears in the dark and trying to find my voice to reassure my sweet boy?) Trying to keep up the cheerful facade, I told him he was going to be having too much fun making friends and learning exciting things, and he wouldn’t have any time at all to miss me. He was quiet for a while, but then he said it was really a shame he wouldn’t have time to go to restaurants or birthday parties any more. My poor boy! He seems to think he is marching off to the salt mines! Have I done this? I have tried sooooooo hard to stay cheerful and not talk about my school anxiety around him . . . I assured him he will still get to go to restaurants and birthday parties – and Christmas, which was his next concern. 

It makes perfect sense for him to be a little nervous but I hope he will feel better about things after we go to school for Open House tomorrow. I know he is going to have a great time in school. . .


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