Meeting Mrs. Rowe

Friday afternoon we visited Fletcher’s new school, Jacob G. Smith Elementary, to meet his new teacher, visit his new classroom, and gear up for the start of the new school year. Fletcher’s teacher, Mrs. Rowe, seems wonderful, sweet and smart and excited about this new group of kids. She remembered him from the Kindergarten orientation we did back in the Spring and seemed genuinely pleased to see him back in her class. Fletcher already knows one other little boy in the class, and I have no doubts he will quickly make friends with the rest. I still have a lot of unanswered questions and concerns, but I’m feeling more relaxed. I like the teacher a lot, and I feel good leaving Fletcher in her care.

We let Fletcher carry his camera and take pictures of his new classroom. I didn’t direct him at all, so clearly he took photos of the things he found most interesting. I wish I had thought to take a few photos myself – including one of the welcome to class sign with Fletcher’s name listed as “Raymond Gaddy” (we knew that was going to happen, and warned Fletcher – he seemed totally unfazed but the teacher promised to fix it, and the tags on his cubby and coat hook, before classes start on Tuesday!)

I left the school feeling much more confident about the start of the school year. I’m not sure my friends with children in other classrooms all felt the same . . .
In the evening the rain finally let up and we went to the Sand Gnats game for the last Friday night home game of the season. We had a ball, and the kids were troopers, determined to stay awake for the fireworks show after the game. I never thought we would make it (I was having trouble keeping my eyes open!) but we did, and it was well worth it to have an up-close view of the fireworks. Nice to see the last weekend of summer out with a blast!




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