Fletcher started kindergarten today!! He had a wonderful day. He said everyone in his class was nice and that they are all a team. Recess was his favorite part of the day, of course. The kids played “Boys vs. Girls” and Fletcher was King of the boys. After school we went to Clary’s for a scoop of ice cream, and then played in the neighbors backyard for a while. The afternoon passed much too quickly – those lazy days of summer are truly gone now I suppose.

Fletcher said he can’t wait for his 2nd day of school, but the day was not as happy for Lola Gray. I thought we had a nice day: coffee with Linette and Atsuko this morning, then shopping after lunch . . . but she missed her brother terribly. She kept coming up to me and saying “Excuse me Mommy, I want my brother now.” She was so happy when we picked him up, but then people started calling on the phone to talk to him about his first day of school and Lola was a little jealous. I know she will be happy when her school starts next week.


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