It is amazing how quickly things have gotten busy, now that school has started! I’m sure we will get the hang of this eventually, but right now the schedule feels pretty hectic. By the time we pick Fletcher up and get home from school, change out of uniforms and have a snack, it is almost 4pm. With kiddos who still need to be in bed at 7pm (and who will need to be woken up at 7:30am to get ready for school) after factoring in homework, bath, and dinner there just isn’t a lot of time left in the day for PLAY. 

We did manage to make it to the park twice last week, and were supposed to meet a friend there today but . .  . umm . . . I forgot. I worked all morning at a charity thing, then had to rush to get Lola Gray ready for ballet, tried desperately to stay awake while sitting in the hot car waiting for her class to be over, then rushed to get Fletcher (cursing the carpool line the whole time), then home and . . .my brain is fried. 

So how am I going to balance all of this? My first plan of action is to make meals ahead of time whenever possible – I want to play in the afternoons not stand in front of the stove while the kids sit in front of the television!

The rest we will just play by ear for now I guess. Green Hour has some great suggestions on their post 10 Ways to Get Outside – Even After School Starts. I love the idea of keeping a Moon Journal with Fletcher. If only he could stay up late enough to see the moon . . .


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