radio silence

I’m still here. I know it may not look that way, as I have done a really pitiful job of posting lately. But we are all still here, trying to hang on . . .

It’s been rocky. I’ve been overwhelmed with auction work and prepping to start back to teaching. We are still trying to get a handle on this school thing, and the fact that Fletcher has come home sick from school twice already isn’t making things any easier. I mean honestly, sick twice after only 10 days of school?? It could be a very long year at this pace.

So anyway, don’t think I have disappeared. I’m just trying to process things right now, working them out in my head before committing them to “paper” as it were. I’ll be posting again soon I am certain.

In the mean time, here are some adorable photos from Lola Gray’s first day of preschool last week. (Can you believe it took me a whole week to get them up here? This is definitely not like me . . . I haven’t even touched the camera in the last week . . .)

Soooooo happy to be going to school. Until se realized that Blue Bobby wasn’t coming to school with her. After a week she still misses him, but she is doing pretty well without him. My baby girl is growing up!


One response to “radio silence

  1. she is sooooo cute–love the outfit–

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