Can I just please tell you how much I love weekends? And I really needed one this week – seems like everything has felt rushed and hectic, and poor Fletcher has been ill so much . . . but this weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

We started with the opening of the Four Square exhibition at the University of North Florida gallery. All the girls brought their children, so it was a rambunctious group and far from the typical gallery opening. And I loved that. OK, I got a little upset when they almost knocked over the entire table of food . . . and someone threw a toy car that hit the father of one of my SCAD students in the head . . . that wasn’t so great. But the kids are what the exhibition was all about. It made sense to have them there. And I was glad for them to see the product of my effort, to see me, at least in some small way, as an artist as well as a mother.

We decided at the last minute to spend the night in Jacksonville. Raymond’s faculty exhibition opened at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art on Thursday night, but because of school the kids and I were unable to attend the opening. I wanted to see the show, and I wanted the kids to see Daddy’s paintings of them hanging in a museum. They thought it was cool, but were much more impressed by the kids area than the faculty exhibition. Lola Gray found a few pieces she really liked in the show though. She has an eye . . . I’m not sure where it will lead her – or if I want it to lead her anywhere! – but it is interesting to see the things to which she responds.

After the museum we had to sneak in a visit to the Jacksonville Zoo. We went a few years back and have been saying ever since that we wanted to return. I’m so glad we were finally able to do it! This time the kids were able to feed the giraffes, which was an incredible experience in itself! It is amazing just how tall those creatures are, and their long tongues reaching out to grab the leaves are just bizarre.

The giraffes were Fletcher’s favorite. Lola Gray loves elephants. They both loved riding on the carousel and the train. For me, I think the most interesting thing I saw were the koi. I honestly don’t think I have ever seen such a range of colors and patterns – stunning!

It was a beautiful day, but blazing hot, and I think we were all thankful for the air conditioning when we got in the car to head home. Tomorrow it is back to work and school . . . but we will be counting down those days until the next weekend!


One response to “weekend!

  1. We had a great opening and it was really mother and kid’s opening ceremony. Hoping we have a show in the Savannah! We will have a big party for sure!!

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