No more roos . . .

Jewel and Iva have found a new home! After several failed attempts to find a nice farm for them, we have finally done it! The good folks at Life is Good Farm have adopted our roos . . . and brought us a new hen in trade! Welcome Julianna!

We are going to miss the boys, might even miss the crowing a tiny bit, but we plan to visit them on the farm once they are settled. Unfortunately, Henriella seems to be getting the worst of this deal right now. She misses her boys and is not too keen on the new bunk mate. Add to that the fact that Julianna is making an early maneuver for dominance and it looks like Henrielle could be in for a bumpy few days. Hopefully the girls will work things out and get to work laying eggs! No more roos for us!


One response to “No more roos . . .

  1. No one likes chickens like voo do.

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