Christmas Carol Express

Yesterday Disney’s Christmas Carol Express rolled into town, so of course the kids and I had to go check it out! The train is promoting the upcoming 3D version of A Christmas Carol, and inside were all sorts of displays documenting the process by which they achieved the amazing animation. Fletcher and Lola, to their credit, were really interested in all of the preliminary work of the animators – I thought it might be a bit over their heads. But then, of course, Disney does everything to the highest level so the displays themselves were incredible eye candy.

We could have stayed inside a long time . . . . if only it weren’t so darn crowded! By the looks of the line when we exited the train though, it looks like we arrived just before the rush. At 5:45 when we left, the wait was anticipated at 3 hours to get on the train!

After touring the train and playing in the bubble “snow” for a while, we were able to see a 10 minute sneak peak of the new movie. It looks really wonderful. The style of the animation mixes beautifully painted and illustrated scenes and classic characters with motion capture technology. Throw in the 3D effects and I was totally hooked. Can’t wait for this to come out in theaters!!


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