October’s Bright Blue Weather

I love October. I love the chill in the air, the changing leaves, the way the sun sits lower in the sky and casts long, dramatic shadows. I love the smell of decaying leaves, love the melancholy sleepiness of late afternoon as the sun sets ever earlier, love snuggling under blankets and feeling the cold air on my nose. The problem is, October in Savannah is rarely any of these. For the first few weeks of the month we sweltered and sweated and cursed the summer clothes we were still forced to wear.

And then . . . October decided to visit us at last! The temperature fell. We opened windows, pulled out sweaters, lit a fire. Autumn at last! October in all it’s brilliant blue glory is here!

For one beautiful Saturday we enjoyed it to it’s fullest. We visited the pumpkin patch, had a picnic by the lake and fed the geese, lit a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows. . .  And then the fever hit. And then it went higher. And higher.

The flu – strain A, most likely H1N1. 

So now Fletcher and I are staying inside, snuggled on the couch watching endless cartoons while he recovers and I try desperately not to get sick. There will be more beautiful autumn days to enjoy. For now, enjoy these photos of our one day out in the cool, crisp air.


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