Happy Halloween!

How’s this photo for a creepy family portrait? Spooky, no? Gotta love Halloween!

We had the most wonderful Halloween this year. Friends joined us at home for cocktails and treats before heading out for trick-or-treating. Per the children’s request both Raymond and I dressed up this year. At first Lola wanted me to be Glinda the Good Witch to go with her Dorothy costume, but that was a little much for me to pull off. We settled on a ghost instead. Raymond surprised us all with very scary makeup and totally spooked the kids!

There were probably close to 50 people that came through the party at one point or another. The kids ran circles around the house. The adults drank Black Widows expertly poured by Raymond. And when the sun began to set, we headed out en masse for trick-or-treating!

If the test of a neighborhood were the number of families walking the streets on Halloween night, and the number of homes decorated and lit and ready with candy, then Ardsley Park would surely top any list! There were kids everywhere! (And more than  few haunted houses and spooky charecters lurking in the shadows – including a wolfman that jumped out of the bushes and scared poor Lola Gray and Anina into tears!) We kept going until the kids were exhausted, their bags too heavy with candy to carry any longer and my feet were aching.

I love this. I love the excitement, the costumes, the candy. I love that Fletcher announced every piece of candy like it was the greatest thing he had every seen and that Lola Gray held my hand as we walked between every house. I love that they are already talking about what they will be for Halloween next year. They won’t be little for long. One day they will want to dress in gory or sexy costumes that will make me cringe. One day they won’t want us to go door to door with them, will be embarrassed by Mom and Dad in our goofy costumes. (I hope when that day comes my friends will still be coming by for cocktails, because I will definitely need them!)

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